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  • Interview W/ Yasmine Shihata < eniGma Shopping >


    eniGma Shopping

    Yes you read the title right, eniGma Shopping ! Enigma shopping mini-interview


    eniGma magazine, needs no introduction as being the leading English  fashion & lifestyle magazine in Egypt and beyond.

    Soon eniGma will launch their website http://www.enigmashopping.com/  where you can shop based on the RECOMMENDATION of eniGma magazine itself. Now this being big epic news, we had to find out more and we went straight to the head of eniGma, the editor in Chief, Yasmine Shihata, and asked her a few questions.

    Yasmine Shihata

    When is the launch ?
    The official launch event will be in September but we hope to do a soft launch in August and have the website up and running then, so we can test how smooth the buying process and fix any possible glitches.

    Are you only selling brands featured in your magazine ?
    Most of the brands we will be selling will have been featured in Enigma at some point or will be in future issues. We are most interested to give young designers, artists and authors a reputable online platform so they can reach more customers in Egypt and around the world. Of course by being on Enigma Shopping, these sellers will also benefit from the great marketing and awareness we will offer them.

    What differentiates eniGma Shopping from any other website ?
    First of all we have an established brand name that people know and trust, and this is very important for online shopping; especially in a region where many people are skeptical to shop on line.

    We have also had a website for over 12 years now, so we have an established web audience that we can tap into and build on. Most new shopping sites have to build up an audience from scratch.

    Most importantly, every item sold on the website will be an item ‘reccomended by Enigma Magazine’, chosen by Enigma’s fashion and lifestyle editors, with an editor’s note of why this item is unique or hot this season. And clothing will also feature tips on how to be worn, with what and when etc.

    Why launch enigma shopping now ? do you see there is room in the economy for luxury shopping ?
    E commerce is booming around the world and Egypt still needs a lot more great e commerce sites. The more credible sites there are, the more people in Egypt and the region will feel comfortable about shopping online.

    We also want to give our featured designers, artists and authors a chance to reach an international audience, with the added credibility of Enigma Magazine’s recommendation. Already Enigma Magazine’s website gets over 50% of its hits from outside Egypt.

    Do you do payment by credit card/ or cash on delivery / how can one order ?
    We will offer Online credit card payment, cash on delivery and the option to pay through pay pal