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  • Interview W/ Dido Embaby


    Fact, Dido is a university student. Fact, Dido is 21 years old. Fact, 21 Dido is amazing at Calligraphy.

    Fact, he has a launched a new facebook. Fact, his shit is hot. Fact, that is an accomplishment!

    yes you can follow his designs on facebook https://www.facebook.com/DEcalligraphydesign

    Why are you called Dido, surely thats not your first name?

    Surely not, my first name is actually Ahmed, funny store about the dido name. My family started, more like my mum she was infatuated with the 7UP FIDO DIDO character, so when i was young she use to call me like after him, then for short it became dido.

    What do you study?

    Construction Engeering. { fishie drops its jaw here and says what ! }

    How did you go from construction engineering to jewlry design ?

    At first I use to like drawing logos & names in english. Then I was sitting with an arabic calligeraphy friend of mine called mahmoud kalila, we started talking about how I write in english he in arabic. One thing led to another and he showed me some arabic calligeraphy. Which got me intrigured and i liked it more because you can twist it alot and its more flexible.  From then started reseraching on the internet and playing around with my own designes and that got me started to with arabic calligraphy.

    So what made you get into jewlry ?

    Well it was my girlfriend her birthday, and she LOVES butterflies & Mother Teresa, So i wrote a quote in arabic  for her on the shape of butterfly. Then went to find a workshop to make a high quality silver jewlry out of it. And by like a workshop that does it properly,  i mean some workshop  would add its own letter like ” و ” and thing its actually doing you a favour ! a whole extra letter for free LOL ! Later on I posted it on facebook and my friends asking for customized requests  etc.. then when i found a lot of them coming it .. hence i started my own business, 6 month later.

    it reads " -نحن جميعا أقلام في يد الل- "

    future plans ?

    well i have my eyes on London & Mohandseen. I already got a place in Mohandseen, when i graduate would be able to start focusing on it. The shop will not be just a jewlry shop, it would be a Calligraphy shop, so i would do stuff like tables, and big signs. Anything that is considered ART.


    Whats your favourite animal ?

    ELEPHANTS. I once did a design of an elephant it actually took 3 days to complete

    تفاؤل , توفيق , سعاده , حب

    how long does a design typically take to do ?

    matter of hours

    why is most of the rings, doubled rings ?

    A lot of people use to request them before they became a fashion trend, at first i did it as per the request with no arts, and then started adding art it and people started loving it, then it became the “IN” thing of the spring semseter, the “in” thing last ramadan for example rosaires

    whats your inspiration ?

    my inspiration … its mesh 3aref.

    i have to ask since “misty” is the fisrt person to tell me to check out your page, who do like more Misty or Hafez?

    I cant tell, I never heard hafez with msity, always knew misty from a long time ago, and always heard him alone. So i guess misty till i hear them both :)