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    Ramez Youssef & Mish Impossible


    Ramez Youssef & Mish Impossible

    I AM A BIG FAN OF RAMEZ YOUSSEF. .. and proud to know a person like him… the guy is a truly a multi-versatile personality, i from 9-5 he has a job, he also is a stand up comedian, and lately became an internet sensation with the DISALATA.com videos, MISH IMPOSSIBLE ! i am sure we all seen by now the video of how to be in  ! well there is more than these videos ! so Fishie naturally what it does when it see some character stand out because of his merit, to interview him, to dig more into Mr. Moza as he is known !  and well here is the intervew …

    How did u get introduced to disalata team ?

    I met one of the founders, Mohamed Bassiouni a year ago in one of the standups and we talked about doing something postive and fun together but we had no idea what it could be .. and we worked for almost a year to finally come up with Mish Impossible!

    How much creative input do u have in the episode ?

    We always try to present something different, unique, and at the same time, something that everyone could relate to. I’m part of the creative team, we meet every week to prepare for our next episode .. Sometimes we invite friends to help us with new and fresh ideas while brainstorming together.

    Which other show on disalata other than yours is your favorite

    Fawal’s “Alamien” is my favorite .. you know that i am THAWRAGY :D i love the way he talks about Egypt and politics in a very new, light and positive way.

    How much time goes into filming an episode

    It usually takes us around 6 to 8 hrs .. but Episode5, when Moza was talking to Ramez :D  .. It took us like 12 hrs !! We used a lot of lighting equipments and changed the set up like a million time!

    Why did u join the disalata team

    I’ve always wanted to do something positive and useful .. im a very optimistic person and want to spread this out to everyone! 

    What about ur standup comedy ?

    Stand up is my number one passion. It feels best when I see people laughing at what i’m saying, so I still do them from time to time .. but only at some discreet places like “10 Mahmoud bassiony” in downtown or in “Makan”.. actually ill be doing a big one on Friday, June 29 an event “called “Laugh it off” https://www.facebook.com/events/420406491316535/ .. I hope it goes well

    You have a 9-5 job tell us more about it and when do u have time to do Disalata stuff

    Yes ana MOWAZAF :D .. im an architect I work for Philips Lighting East Africa as an architectural light designer .. I love my job but my rule that the second I leave the office I totally disconnect Philips and start working on my passionate stuff like Disalata .. I believe that the key of success is time management .. I hate wasting time even in weekends I’m part of a team called Heliopolis Heritage initiative .. we’re behind Heliopolis The Dream short movie if u have seen it http://youtu.be/YgrIqdReOhw.Other than work and fun I believe one should be positive and give something back to his community

    What is one episode you  really want to do

    That would be an episode in English that will be addressed to foreigners and ppl around the world telling them about the real Egypt that they don’t know of .. the amazing side of our country and bring them here .. not a touristic commercial one but a simple video done by normal Egyptians enjoying our normal daily life ..

    In your last episode you campaigned to be yourself ? do youfind urself on a situation where you find yourself acting someone your not ?

    Heheh sometimes yes .. bs bafawa2 nafsy 3alatol :D

    Let’s say if  you got an offer to be in movie on the silver screen would you take it ?

    Movie !! hehe no I don’t think so .. not in my plans.. I love what I’m doing right now, which is presenting short interesting episodes. Only god knows what the future brings.. :)  

     whose ur favorite Egyptian new standup comedian ?

    That would be Moutaz Attalah !! this guy is Hilarious :D

    below is some coverage received in what women want magazine for di-salata and Ramez Youssef in it, also the five videos of Disalata’s Mish Impossible


    DiSalata.com in What Women Wants Magazine


    DiSalata in What Women Want Magazine Ft. Ramez Youssef