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  • Inside Zamalek’s New Riverside Hotel


    The Riverside Hotel in Zamalek has been the talk of the town since its opening some ten days ago and I was lucky enough to receive a personal tour of the new, slick boutique inn.  

    Located on Montazah Street – just off of Mohamed Mazhar Street – Riverside boasts a stunning Nile view befitting of its lavish feel. But this is no ordinary inn; even for a boutique hotel, it does things slightly different from the norm.

    For example, there is no reception or lobby, as such; the entrance leads you straight onto a two-floor restaurant and bar.

    Similar to other boutique hotels, each room has a peculiar name, though it’s unclear as to whether each has a different theme. The one room that was complete and ready for viewing was the delightfully named ‘La Femme’.

    Though the hotel is still technically in soft opening mode and the majority of the rooms are still unfinished, La Femme’s beautiful view of the Nile had me a little turned on.

    ‘La femme’ was furnished with a sexy king-size bed that looks super snug and a charming bathroom. The room felt airy and comfortable, with classic dark wood floors – a nice touch and a welcome change to the usual carpeted rooms found across most of Cairo’s big hotels.

    And so though it still has some way to go before being at full working mode – two weeks, we’re told – I walked away from Riverside knowing that I will be back sooner or later – even if only for the bar.