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  • inside the men of the high society

    So I asked the men of our scene 7 questions about what is it that their ideal girl that they would marry, and they answered.

    Now in noway is the aim of these questions to objectify women, rather the aim of this mini survey is to pick into the Egyptian high society male brain … And understand what they think of their female counterpart, it was always a common myth that no man would marry a non virgin, but just look at this survey. You see the opinion on this specific question was actually split almost 50/50

    So tell me what you think, leave a comment … Does these results actually reflect what you think, what about you girls what do you think of this ?

    (p.s. English spelling and grammar might suck, but I am doin this post while in a car to chillaxed weekend from the hustle and bustle of the city … Hello ras sudr)


    Ugly Elza says:

    Type is too small in answers. It's difficult to read.

    J says:

    I am sorry to inform you that any normal male with a brain would give the same answers..hell any female with a brain wouldn't accept any other answers..this questionnaire did not really add anything to my knowledge or insights..I hope next time the questions are more creative and unique to capture a different view rather than the popular view that everyone already knows about and agrees on in this sector. Thank you