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  • INKOMPASS 2016: Philip Morris Initiative Reaches Out to Egyptian University Students with Unique Opportunity


    For those who have experienced that sudden, crippling realization of being out in the big open world after years of education and having to become, you know, an adult, you’ll know that the prospect of entering the workforce can be an overwhelming one.

    There are few support systems for graduates in Egypt – except for maybe a wasta – as they take their first footsteps into working life, which is why INKOMPASS is a unique and valuable initiative.

    Having launched last year in Egypt by PMI (Philip Morris International) affiliate, Philip Morris Misr, the global internship program offers second year university students a chance to experience real, creative working life through one of the most multifaceted businesses in the world.

    These aren’t just generic placements, though. The aim is to come out of INKOMPASS with much more than just a letter of recommendation or a new addition to your CV. Valuing the fact that nothing can give you a taste of working life like an actual taste of real working life, the program allows successful candidates to explore their potential career paths by utilizing their interests, skills and aspirations with PMI, where they will learn and, more importantly, dip a proverbial toe into projects that will both test them and help develop their skills through multi-functional learning.

    What this means is that the program tries to expose participants to as many different components of the business; this will help them expand on their skill-set in a holistic way, shaping them into having more versatile, resourceful and adaptable qualities, while also tapping into their creativity and honing their more  efficient skills.

    The program works into cycles, with the first giving participants the chance to work closely with a personal coach and mentor. If all goes well, successful participants are then invited to the second cycle a year later, where they take on the tailored business projects mentioned above.

    The 2015 edition of INKOMPASS saw 9 sophomores from a variety of different Egyptian universities selected to join the program – 8 in Cairo and one in Dubai. Out of those, Nirvana Mostafa and Omar Salama flew the flag for Egypt at the INCHALLENGE competition in Hong Kong, where they impressively came in at second place out of 11 other teams from PMI affiliates from around the world.

    After the success of last year’s program, both expectations and hopes are even higher this time around and the stakes are even higher: successful candidates are also considered for full time positions with PMI after graduation. So instead of stepping out into that big open world we talked about earlier, you have a position an opportunity ready and waiting for you to apply – one that is as unique as it is challenging.

    With that in mind, there’s no time to sit and think about it; the application deadline is April 30th, so click here to set the wheel in motion. Like, now.

    By Kalam El Qahaira