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  • Inflate your party !

    planning a party don’t have a venue ? or just have an open set up and need to spice it up ….

    Well Bayan Inflate to the rescue  ( http://www.facebook.com/BayanInflate )


    They come in all shapes and sizes, its like a blow up club, or blow up space!  so why go inflate well …

    1- they replace the need of a venue for an event
    2- they are more cost effective
    3 – quick and efficient the structure takes 30mins to 1 hour to BLOW up
    4- the inflate has no internal framework or any of that stuff so you just BLOW IT UP
    5- they are customizable i.e. you can like put different lightings on it, even portray logos, you can brand it accordingly

    so whether you are a corporate client or a event organizer or a regular ahmed or mona  (john & jane) planning a birthday party this is differently worth checking out

    DONT forget to check out their Facebook page

    ( http://www.facebook.com/BayanInflate )