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  • in the pursuit of water


    I am a person who loves its country.

    This country is great, amazing full of natural resources, but most importantly has the best people in it.

    But until when could I keep could i blindly keep loving it?

    Clean water one of life necessities, now is no longer easy to obtain. Before a bunch of you attack me being a spoilt kid who is complaining that I cant find Nestle water easily and that the poor of Egypt are drinking Tap water for years, etc. read till the last sentence of this post. I am talking about the ability that some of us have been enjoying a comfortable life in Egypt that we took for granted, and this comfort has started to appear even more when we couldnt find good drinkable water. When now we go to metro market, and they  tells you the carton of Evian is 150L.E and they dont have local water. You go to other places, all you find is Aman Siwa, Aqua and some other weird brand, that I swear to god tap water, hell piss tastes better than that. Eventually you find the carton of Dasani for 45 L.E., when you use to buy it no less than a year ago for 25 L.E..  That when I was sitting down in La bodega and found out they are serving Nestle water, I started guzzling that liquid like it was more sacred than a bottle of Beluga Vodka.

    Yes, everyone has a straw that breaks him. Mine is water.

    This lack of clean drinkable water, (please dont start with tap water bullshit) is the straw that made me start going from an optimistic person to a pessimistic person. Yes I know we cant blame anyone for Nestle factory blowing up, but still shit seems to happen only in Egypt.

    And what are we doing to change stuff here? nothing, we are pre-occupied with easter break to know where should we book, should it be Gouna, or should it be Sahel? We wont go revolt, until maybe a political party calls for one, but the people by themselves go? doubtful.

    But while we might have became apathetic to the cause of a better Egypt, all we do is sit on the Sofa and watch Bassem Youssef and laugh about it, here is a little thing we can do. Start donating, because if we the supposed upper class of Egypt are having trouble because of nestle, and that Dasani became 45 instead of 25, then could you imagine what your maid is going through? Could you imagine what the regular middle class is going through? could you imagine what the lower class is going throw?