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    Interesting things have been going lately with egypt,

    I mean ignoring the US embassy protests, there are other things happening like

    - Tonight Ahly Vs Zamalek match in Borj El Arab

    - Turkey is provide egypt with 2 Billion USD in Financing , While also last week americans also pledged a billion in investment ( i am not sure how that is going after the protest. Of course, dont forget the qatari also financing. But the financing doesnt end here, Morsi last week was in Italy and he also secured 1 Billion USD in investment on different projects, if i am not mistaken i over heard on the radio it include railways (yes please !!). So am not sure of something, but if all these efforts Morsi is doing to raise financing from different countries, whether western or Arab (Italian, the US, Qatar  and Turkey) and if they really are successful agreement and not just talk.. then maybe.. maybe Morsi might be doing something good and isnt completely bad ?

    - Morsi is brussels, asking for EU Aid !  ” José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, stated that the EU is ready to offer macroeconomic assistance to Egypt worth €500 million, Reuters reported Thursday. Moreover, Barroso stated that the EU is considering injecting between €150 million and €200 million as a budgetary support to Egypt to target economic recovery. “ Jose Manuel Barroso said “We are ready to offer macro financial assistance worth 500 million euros, provided the agreement that Egypt is currently initiating with the IMF materializes,”

    - Remember the real estate tax that has been in talks for years, well apparently if its implemented, which it would be by end of this year would generate 3 billion Egyptian pounds  ! i hope that this 3 Bil Egp would be used to maintain the infrastructure. Where will this tax be coming from exactly, well as per the Daily News Egypt ” The Ministry of Finance estimates that the bulk of real estate tax revenues will come from tourist premises, hotels, and new residential settlements.However private properties, which represents up to 95 percent of residential units in Egypt, will be exempted”