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  • In Celebration of International Women’s Day: Five Easy Steps to Not Being a Dick to Women


    Each year around this time, we celebrate International Womens’ Day; a day set aside to celebrate your girlfriend, your mom, your sister and all of the other women folk in your life.

    But what’s it all about? Well, as it happens it’s actually a lot more difficult to be a woman than it may initially appear to us men folk. Stares, comments and all the way up to getting attacked or killed for the way that you dress – it’s actually pretty shitty at times.

    So put away the balloons and chocolates. Here are some ways we men can celebrate International Women’s Day and not be a dick on every other day of the year.

    1. STOP Catcalling – it’s pathetic and creepy…

    I mean really, how many times do you think that a woman has actually turned around and said, ‘actually, you’re right, I am a ‘muzza’ and I’d quite like if we had sex, right here, right now’. Never? That’s probably because your ‘joke’ comments about her appearance or your pathetic attempts to ‘flirt’ have not only failed to impress her, but have actually made her feel like shit.

    Much in the same way that they make your sister feel like crap and your mum (yes, even your mum) hates them too. She doesn’t need your idea of a ‘compliment’ and no, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing or what time of day it is – seriously, the only way she is ‘asking for it’ is if she taps you on the shoulder and says ‘Hi, I’d quite like to know your opinion of me, my clothes, my body and my morals because I reeeeeeaallly care what random strangers think about me.’ Just stop already.

    2. STOP Gaslighting – it’s nasty…

    Picture the scene. Your partner disagrees with you about something or she says something you don’t agree with. You tell her that she’s crazy, imagining it, questioning it or being ‘sensitive’. This is called Gaslighting: a manipulative technique designed to discredit her feelings as if they don’t matter. Truth is, her thoughts and feelings matter just as much as yours and you better start acting like it if you are truly grateful for having her in your life. Gaslighting is nasty and any open minded (or otherwise) guy shouldn’t do it. It’s the worst.

    3. STOP Mansplaining – it makes you a jerk…

    So, you’re a man (and perhaps even a Pharaoh), hell you’ve even been to Europe and as such you are worldly and generally super smart. As such, it is your god-given right to tell women how to feel and how things ‘really’ are. Statistics prove that women are generally smarter than us, we might not like it but ya know….science. So it’s no wonder that our attempts to ‘mansplain’ kind of piss them off or at the very least instigate one hell of an eye-roll. Nobody likes a ‘know it all’ so perhaps try the age old art of shutting up and listening instead. It really isn’t cool.

    4. STOP being pushy – it’s  creepy and desperate…

    Despite what all of the music videos on Melody TV may tell you, asking a woman out a thousand times will not mean she ends up in your bed. All of this talk of the ‘thrill of the chase’ is generally put forward by man-children who still don’t understand the word ‘no’. The same goes with adding random women on social media just because you like the look of their profile picture and feel entitled to tell them as though they care. It’s clingy, needy, really weird and totally not hot.

    5. STOP sending unsolicited junk pics – it’s ruining  her life (and Tinder)

    So you’re on Tinder and of course you’ve got a match because you’re hot like that. You swap numbers, open Whatsapp and bam….you go and ruin everything by sending her an unsolicited snap of your junk. It’s not sexy, it will make her think that you are a creepy sack of hormones and frankly, nobody asked to see your erect penis. Would you whip it out in the middle of a face-to-face date for no reason? No? Then don’t do it online.

    By A Man Who Learnt These Lessons The Hard Way