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    i am writing this post while i am tearing up, i am crying a river for the people that were massacred, even though i don’t know them on a personal level, but i think i am tearing up more because i am an emotional roller coster, and i feel sorry for myself as an egyptian. I feel i have no rights, i feel that as an egyptian our life is so expendable by our government in order for them to prove  a point. But from a personal level at least unlike my friends i am lucky to have a platform on which i can express my views, there is no doubt that yesterday massacre was orchestrated.

    However that being said, i see there is a little hope, because after all i never remember all of us Egyptian tuned into parliament, there is hope because we are becoming more political aware… but what was the cost of all this … the 1000s in 2011 and the 80 that 2012 just started with.

    and now i am trying to wonder what next… here i am sitting on my computer talking and writing and have no idea what will happen, but i know this weekend will not pass by with out Egyptian people making history once again! that the 80 people who lost their life, that their families grief will not be in vain. and i hope within this weekend we don’t loose more lives!

    Allah Yerhem the people sacrificed their lives for us and may their soul rest in piece and they be heaven inshallah.