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  • Imagine Personal Trainer @ Home !


    i have a personal trainer, i love him. I dont know why or how but i lost a lot of fat (not body weight, i.e. gained muscles), and it happens to be that my personal Trainer is in Body Shapers gym too.  With my PT somehow my stomach is loosing weight and i am not even working it out much, he is making working on building more muscles … which i think is replacing my body fat… i dont know something to do with body science.

    Anyway so BODY SHAPERS ! now has an offer, where they will send you a personal trainer to your home, with a work out kit ! it will include some dumbbells  resistance rope, TRX, bootcamp stuff and you know the works depending on what work you require !

    call them on 0233020217 or follow them on facebook on  https://www.facebook.com/bodyshapers.egypt