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  • I’m Stupid

    In light of recent events, and i am not sure if using the word events is the right word to use as it describes the situation so lightly, where 9 people have died. This is a post dedicated to  my stupidity.

    But i am not stupid alone, we are all stupid. Madonna always had the right song for any moment…. and well just carefully listen to the lyrics of this song!


    I am stupid, because i am uneducated. Yes i might have went to a good university and high school, yes i might have a successful business, and yes i might be running a good successful gossip blog on the side, BUT I AM STUPID !

    I am stupid because i don’t learn,i don’t research! When sitting on my computer and looking at Twitter or Facebook seeing people arguing with each other, one group justifying the military attacks, by saying if anywhere else in the western world, they wouldn’t have done worse …. while other says no the people where right. I am stupid because I felt if I said anything I won’t have any PROOF, or any kind of material that can back up my argument. I am ignorant.  If i said no the western world won’t kill the protestor, but they would give him a  notice then force him into jail and tazor him, or apply what is the acceptable laws of breaking up a protests, that does not include killing, i have no argument or anything to back up this claim that i just made, because i am ignorant.

    I am stupid because i am politically apathetic.

    some people are stupid because they also don’t see the full picture, and by full picture i don’t mean political pictures and hidden fingers … no i am talking about when you are judging your own friends. You would be like “oh this person all they care about is partying”, when you have no idea what they are doing in the morning. Some people are taking what i call the “Beirut model” ! by morning being politically active, and by night partying.

    So in summary i am stupid, i am stupid because i judge, i am stupid because i am ignorant! Don’t get me wrong i won’t stop partying or posting on parties, i am taking the beirut model, politically active by day a party monster by night.

    The question is are you stupid ?