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  • #ikhawan

    Recently everybody is freaking out from Ikhawan, every one is posting this kind of insensitive jokes.

    People are afraid that the ikhawan are going to banish the alcohol and turn us into Saudi style country, people are afraid, but as I read one on my friends status … Fear stems from ignorance.

    So as cairogossip, I will aim to educate myself and in the process spread the knowledge.  I already have planned for a post to be an interview with a lawyer, who can explain to us the Egyptian constitution and how can it be changed in laymen terms. A few days ago, I asked a question on the facebook status and got interesting response, which actually initiated this need for me to do an interview on this matter. One of the comments left on one of my statuses by the owner of awesome, that for one political party to completely change the constitution (which is our law) is almost impossible, because it has to go through such a lengthy process including have the opposition sign off on it, together with higher court or something like that, and finally referendum, so the aim of my upcoming interview would to verify this information.  By doing so I shall educate myself and in hope maybe bring some education to all of us.

    On another note, elections are not over yet!! we just finished only phase 1, so people of phase 2 and 3 … go out and vote just like phase 1 did, don’t let the voting momentum die, go vote for you believe in, whether its Kotla, Wafd, or even ikhawan, as long as it is what you believe in. Make yourself heard, because if you don’t vote its like you are giving your voice to someone else