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  • IKEA to Open Its First Branch Outside New Cairo


    We are always happy when major brands take a spot in our city, especially if our city is 6th of October because somehow, we have been stranded in a desert. So when a major brand hits 6th of October, it saves us time and effort; we do not have to plan a migration to eastern Cairo in order to party, shop, and/or eat.

    We found out that our year-long, inner-fights about travelling to the IKEA store at CFC are coming to an end. Let us not delay it any further because IKEA has finally decided to take a 20,000 sqm metre spot in Mall of Arabia.

    Basically, if you are the kind of soon-to-be-wed couple who have had a fetish for assembling LEGO since childhood, or if you are looking for relatively cheap & modern furniture, IKEA has never been closer. You can also head to Cairo Jazz Club 610 at the end of the day, if that’s the way you do weekends.

    The 20,000 sqm will host a wide variety of furnishing options, from a big-a** bedroom to the pillows and sheets for your bed, as well as a restaurant and café where you can rest your weary legs and grab a bite.

    The store is expected to open in 2020, so if you have earlier wedding plans, you better delay them.

    By Adel M. Fakhry