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  • Identity Magazine 7 Essentials


    Identity Magazine has been rocking the scene lately especially with its latest cover story  LOVE IT and well we wanted to know what is essential for them to run as a magazine and here are there 7 essentials


    1-      Our baby iMac! Without it there’s no Identity Magazine. It’s the office most precious item!
    2-      We can’t work without having our breakfast. And Foool Tank is our favorite.
    3-      The office Blackberry. Always ringing. Always!
    4-      Magazines where we sometimes get some inspiration from.
    5-      Out favorite Adel Emam notebook, where we write all our ideas and events.
    6-      Shay el 3aroosa! A7la shay!
    7-      Cigarettes. Most of us need a ciggy while working.

    (disclaimer: CairoGossip does not support smoking because your lunges are going to end up looking like this) 

    but smoking aside, check out their latest feature !! ITS HOT !! and they have healthy people in there GOO BOOOTCAMP !