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  • iCondemn: Say Sorry for Being a Muslim at the Touch of a Button


    With Islamaphobic sentiment across the world growing at an even higher pace since the Charlie Hebdo attacks, many have demanded that the lesser extremist, maniacal Muslims around the world to step up and apologise for the actions of the Kouachi brothers.

    One man has come forward with an idea to streamline the whole process with nifty app, iCondemn.

    “According to my calculations, we need to be denouncing things at fifty times the volume and at least twenty times the speed to meet all the demand” writes Daniel Haqiqatjou on his blog, MuslimMatters.org. “The problem is all that denunciation takes a lot of time and resources. We need a 21st century solution to this problem.”


    Alright, it's not real - but it should be. If anything, Haqiqatjou has proven the unprovable: that some Muslims do have a sense of humour. Read this rest of his hilarious post here - this is what intelligent, modern satire is.