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    Since a number of people are still in sahel, i am starting off the week with an opinion piece, later on the real gossip will come out.

    So today’s opinion is Fishie’s own take on the Letter ” I” .

    There is numerous Arabic proverbs that warns us from becoming self conceited. Righteously so, too. Even religious books, whether Quran or Bible warns us about it.

    And lately, well not really lately but generally a lot of people have been thinking about Themsevles only.

    Another thing that annoys me about the letter I, is in such a small scene like ours we tend to make ourselves Mini Celebrities, and lets admit it if any of our so called “infamous” people on the scene in Egypt, migrate to London, New York, hell to even a  small village their would be no merit to their name, as they themselves have accomplished nothing.

    How is this relevant, I  want you to wait by the door of any club and or bar in Cairo/ Sahel when its busy. One thing you would notice on the door, is like “Do you not know who am i ? ekh i dont wait in line, bye!”  Attitude you like that, making someone think they are above others due to their conceitedness  or because they made a small accomplishment, or because their family name has weight to it, is just plain old annoying .

    It doesnt end with the doors of clubs, it even takes it place in the small business world that the scene revolves around. When a person does any accomplishment they care about their name to appear everywhere, probably with a laser light show with it too. Rather than focusing on the core which is doing something that will benefit the society. That being said, not all accomplishments driven by the letter I are not good; Actually some of them are very well thought and very beneficial, yet the people behind it still have to use the letter I.

    If you think of it, the more successful new projects are not associated with one person, or a group of people, it is associated with a company. Unless you go to the OLD SCHOOL  < keyword being old school > companies you will find a lot of the companies are named after the Family name of the business owners.

    My point is … I am tired. I am so tired of hearing the letter “I”  ” أنا”  It gets frustrating.  Like get over your self. unless you saved world hunger, you shouldnt be using the letter I much. Even then, you should learn some humblness.

    or am i being to harsh, miss-guided or is natural to use the letter I ?

    P.S. this is no direct JAB at anyone, this is just purely a personal opinion about the general scene, whether business or personal. If you think this is personally directed at you then you are falling again in the trap of “I” you self conceited bastard.