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  • Hurghada-Sharm El Sheikh Ferry to Resume Service


    You haven’t seen hell until you’ve travelled the ten-hour bus ride between Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh – poor air conditioning, screaming kids and weird smells coming from the bathroom are enough to crush the soul of even the most ardent of travellers. Well, all this could be a thing of the past, with the Egyptian ministries of transport and tourism this week announcing the reopening of the ferry line that has been on hiatus for almost four years.

    Said to be relaunching as soon as next week, the news is music to the ears of all who frequent the Red Sea locales. Reportedly, a new ferry will be used, boasting a capacity of 302 people and cutting the hot, noisy, smelly trip to just two hours. With Egypt’s road fatality rate as high as ever, government officials are also hopeful that the ferry service will take pressure of the roads and subsequently ease the number of deaths on the country’s hazardous dessert roads. It may even give a little boost to tourism – knock on wood.

    By Cairo Gossip