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  • Humtap: Make Music with Your Phone with Egyptian Entrepreneur’s App


    Egyptian-American entrepreneur, Tamer Rashed, has brought together his tech acumen and love of music to create one of the most unique music smartphone apps around: Humtap.

    Essentially, the app – which is available to download on iPhone and will be released on Android this year – allows you to ‘make’ music by humming and/or tapping into your phone. Yes, it’s that simple.

    Speaking to Al Arabiya News, Rashed’s raw passion for music fuelled his lightbulb-moment idea. “We created Humtap to allow anyone to be able to create professional-quality music in something like ten seconds. We’ve taken a once-complicated multi-stage process and made it simple enough for anyone.”

    In development since 2013, the Humtap road hasn’t been an easy one for Rashad and co, with the San Francisco-based entrepeneur revealing a humorous exchange with a CEO in Silicon Valley. “Tamer, what you’re describing is like a flying shoe. It sounds fantastic, but can you do it?”

    Well, he has.

    “We aimed to make the creation of music ubiquitous and simple, so we stayed away from anything that would require you to know how to make music. For example, a keyboard layout is not something you recognise unless you are musically trained. However, people hum and people tap; these two ways are our starting point for capturing the expression – a creative thought of a person.”

    “Just like Instagram and Vine allow people to be expressive and creative, I feel that there should be a similar app for music.”

    Naturally, as a creatively repressed and pretentious team, Cairo Gossip had to give it a try. Although the app doesn’t currently allow you to change genres, here’s something we made earlier. We now consider ourselves fullblown musicians – expect to see DJ Gossip headlining a Cairo Jazz Club gig soon.