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  • Huawei Teams Up with Cairokee as Egypt’s Biggest Band Celebrates 12th Anniversary


    Let’s clear one thing up; whatever your views on their music, Cairokee are – and have been for some time – the biggest band in Egypt. As one of several bands and musicians to come to prominence during the January 25th Revolution and came to represent ‘the voice of the people’, few have managed to achieve possibly the hardest thing in music in this country: longevity.

    But you shouldn’t be surprised; this is, after all, a band that is in the middle of celebrating its 12 year anniversary – how many contemporary bands in Egypt can say that? It’s such a grand occasion for Amir Eid, Sherif Hawary, Tamer Hashem, Sherif Mostafa and Adam El Alfy, in fact, that global technology giant, Huawei, has been right by the band’s side for the celebrations. A Thursday press conference announced the partnership and was followed by four separate gigs at El Sawy Culturewheel over the weekend, with the band also set to perform in Alexandria on the Sunday 29th.

    Hosted by comedian, Ramez Youssef, the press conference saw Cairokee meet and greet fans – a lot of them – at Virgin Megastore in Citystars, with social influencers such as Moustafa Berjawy & Norhan Abubakr in attendance. In addition, Huawei gave away free tickets for the weekend’s gigs, requesting that attendees simply take a selfie with a Huawei-branded item and post it on Instagram while tagging the official Huawei and Cairokee accounts.

    It’s been a big year in Egypt for Huawei, too; this year, the P8 and G8 smartphone devices have been released in Egypt to critical acclaim and we’ve seen Huawei support events at the Music Tent here in Cairo, as well is along the North Coast during the summer, emerging as a big supporter of live music and enterta in Egypt.

    For more information on the Cairokee and Huawei partnership, click here.