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  • Huawei Gets Festive with P8 Giveaway


    Huawei capped off a memorable year in Egypt by treating one of its Facebook fans to a brand new P8 Gold handset, because – well, why the heck not? The winner, Islam Keshk, also enjoyed a lavish dinner at Mandarine Koueidar in Downtown Katameya Mall, with the official reason from Huawei also falling along the lines of something like ‘why the heck not?’

    What did young Islam do to win these prizes? He clicked ‘Like’ on the Huawei Egypt Facebook page – a decision that found him becoming the page’s 2 millionth fan and, of course, the owner of Huawei P8 Gold – a handset that has been received well worldwide, for its unique features and functions.

    Huawei like to do things in style though, so Islam was under the impression that he had won a dinner, period. What he didn’t know, however, was that the Huawei team waiting in the wings at the restaurant ready to surprise him with the P8 handset.

    Naturally, senor Keshk was delighted (see beaming smile below) and having had the chance to fool around with the set at Cairo Gossip headquarters, he has every right to be. The win – complete with award ceremony to boot – marked another successful venture for Huawei in a year full of them. 2015 has seen the technology giant partner up with Cairokee for the band’s 12th anniversary, as well as HOH who debuted some months ago, and the brand was here, there and everywhere in Sahel over the summer.

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