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  • Huawei Egypt Upsets the International Tech Community

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    In an Egyptian television advertisement, Huawei implied that a DSLR (professional camera) shot was, in fact, one taken by the new Huawei Nova 3i. The discovery was made when the actress starring in the ad published some behind the scenes photos on Instagram (and shortly deleted them afterwards), exposing the reality of the shot taken.



    It all started when a guy reported on Reddit that Huawei Egypt was caught whilst trying to imply that a DSLR shot was a Nova 3i shot.  Then, several international media channels, such as AndroidPolice, CNET, Unbox Therapy, FStoppers, The Verge, all started to have a say in the matter.

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    Although some may argue that Huawei didn’t directly say that those are Nova 3i selfies, and that there is a very clear disclaimer at the end which said that the pictures used are for reference only and that the shape, colour, size or performance of the phone might vary in real life, it was heavily implied throughout the advertisement that those are selfie shots taken by the phone.



    On the other hand, Huawei, as Unbox Therapy said, has been one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone cameras, with the P20 Pro taking the highest score on the DXOMark website (a huge credited online database for professional camera reviews that uses research to measure the colour accuracy and range, sharpness, focus and more of smartphones, DSLRs and lenses).

    So, it kind of is cheap to go around trying to fake shots like that when you have some of the leading smartphone cameras! Problem is, this is not the first time Huawei was caught doing this.

    In 2016, Android Police reported that “Huawei published what seemed an innocuous if typically touched-up promo photo proclaiming the photographic prowess of its P9 smartphone on Google+.”