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  • How to Cheat Your Way to a Perfect Manicure


    The pursuit of the perfect manicure is a messy one, filled with smudging and chipping, and waiting and weeping. However, there are ways around it – ways that eliminate drying time, even.

    Don’t believe it? See for yourself; these three products can help you cheat your way to a flawless, effortless manicure.


    Incoco Nail Appliques

    nails body 1

    With Incoco’s sticker-like nail strips, you can have professional-looking nails without sacrificing the texture of your natural nail to those awful fake nails. These appliques come in all colours and styles, from french-tip strips to glitzy glitter to intricate designs.

    Get your hands on them here.


    ImPRESS Manicure


    An even quicker way to get no-fuss nails, these press-on fake nails are high in shine and flexibility (so, not your average plastic-based, hard-as-rocks kind). The best part: it takes literally five minutes to find corresponding sizes from the 24 appliques and stick them onto your nailbeds. Being waterproof, they can last up to 12 days.

    Look for ImPRESS at your local Seif Pharmacy.


    Tuesday in Love


    Liquid polish with a twist: this brush-on polish is also peel-off! Paint your nails as you would with any other polish, and when you’re ready to take it off, simply push at the top of your nail until the colour peels and pull off. Bonus: Tuesday in Love polish is also water-soluble.

    Order a bottle here.


    You now have zero excuse to go out with naked nails.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk