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  • How to Celebrate 6th of October Like it’s the 4th of July


    6th of October is just around the corner, and everybody’s trying to think of ways to make the most of the holiday that aren’t about sleeping in. Americans seem to get cray cray on the 4th of July, so why can’t we have our own thing? Here is a list of ways you can celebrate Egypt’s victory like it’s Independence Day.

    Dress for the occasion…

    (Image: bellylorna.blogspot.com.eg)

     Who needs 4th of July t-shirts? Our Egyptian getup is better.

    Throw bombas in the street…

    throw bombas

     So loud, you feel like you’re in the actual 6th of October war.

    Make mashweyat…


     Bala burgar, bala zeft.

    Indulge in flag-themed treats…

    indulge in flag-themed treats_resized

     Just like the tortes with the American flag coloring.

    Watch patriotic films all day…

    watch patriotic films

     Have tissues ready for that last scene fel tayyara. 

    Listen to patriotic songs on repeat…

     ‘Ana masry w abouya masry….

    Hang Egyptian flags everywhere…


     Just in case you forgot where you are. 

    Paint your face…


     Red, white and BLACK. Why have stars when you can have a falcon?

    Wave at the military jets…


     …and pretend the deafening noise doesn’t bother you.

    Perform re-enactments of the 6th of October War…

    (Image: AP)

    In case anyone forgot how it all went down in ’73. 

    Enjoy the long weekend, wacky style. 

    Salma Thanatos Rizk