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  • How much are you spending Partying per month ?


    Seriously how much are you spending on going out per month ? I wrote something about this when i first started the blog, but i just want to revisit it again.

    before i go into discussion lets start with some facts

    -  Between 10-20% of the people that you see out in the parties, get FREE invites. (reason: so that they can attract more people to come out )

    - In a regular night out you would spend 200 pounds if you are conservative, 300 if you are normal, and 500-1000 if you are doing it extravagant (that includes tables, buchon etc)

    - If you are a guy and you are dating a girl. You are fucked.

    - On average  i see the same people go out 2-3 Times a week.

    - Mid week drinks ( so here its like chill out areas like Bodega, Seasons, Risas)

    with a little calculation you would find yourself if you are a guy you are spending on average between 2000-3000 a week. hence in a month between 8k to 12k. If you are a girl the case is different because a lot of the times the guys pick up the cheque.

    and like if you are being conservative awi in it then per month maybe 4,000  - 5,000 do correct me if i am wrong here.

    of course thats not counting all the party accessories like cloth and condoms.

    what do you think ? are we spending to much on partying within EGYPT ? or is that just the normal cost of having fun, that if you just spent your weekends in chilled places it would have been the same ? is going out in Egypt expensive ( i think it is) ? is there a need fore more house parties ?