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  • HitchHiker: Egypt’s Cheapest Alternative to Online Shopping


    No need to post the ‘do I know someone coming back from..’ to Facebook anymore; you’ll not be begging your friends to buy you something from abroad after downloading this app.

    Want to know what we’re talking about? HitchHiker! This is an app that connects you with travelers from all over the world in case you’re in great need of something that you can’t buy from Egypt. The app is now available on both Apple and Play store.

    It helps Egypt’s online shoppers cut down on shipping costs, and even shorten the wait for purchased items. Travelers also earn money when they ship anything with them. The shipping costs are often priced by travelers themselves, and range between 10-25 dollars for 1 kilo, plus 5 to 6 dollars of Hitchihiker fees. And, just to make sure that nothing bad happens to the item you bought, HitchHiker adds a $1000 insurance incase something happens to your item.

    You can bring in things like makeup, clothes, phones or any other items for personal use. The process is easy, and pretty straightforward. All you need to do is, login to the app, connect with a traveler and agree on the shipping fee. Next, you will go to the website where you want to buy what you want, order it and have it delievered to the traveler’s doorstep. Upon the return of the traveler to Egypt, you will get in contact with him/her to setup a meetup to get your item. 

    If you read this article here, HitchHiker will be offering our readers special promocodes in the future. So, bookmark the link and stay tuned!

    By Sara Mosharef