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  • HipHop Workshop – Learn to MOVE

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    This is pretty exciting, considering that there is a music movement in egypt, that music movement should be matched with a dance movement, and well workshopers has just done that… they are starting a hip hop workshop! find details below

    Workshopers of Cairo and La Urban Dance Factory of Barcelona have come together to offer a range of street dance workshops. 

    Bea and Bru of La Urban Dance Factory in Barcelona have trained at some of the best dance schools in the USA, they have held workshops and masterclasses in all kinds of Urban Dance from Hip Hop, to Krump, House, Poppin’ and Break Dance. As professors of dance, they have years of experience in bringing out the best in aspiring dancers of all ages.

    As professional dancers and choreographers themselves, they have appeared in numerous competitions and global advertising campaigns with their own distinctive street style.


    1,500 EGP  

    - Certificate from La Urban Dance Factory , Barcelona 

    -Please bring your long lasting smile, at least one extra top, a towel, and wear dancing shoes.

    -Limited places.

    To reserve a place call us on 01020100816-01020100817 

    or write to contact@workshopers.net 

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    See you there!