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  • Here Is Cairo’s Moodiness During Eid

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    Eid Al Fitr brings a lot of long lost fantasies to the table again: eating, drinking, and netflixing in the kitchen during the day. They are our wildest dreams, along with letting the devil take hold of us once again.

    With those fantasies coming to reality, it often seems like Cairo is moody as hell; that is, if we choose to personify it. One day it is bathing in tamr hendy, the other it is bathing in puke/smelly feet.

    Starting off with El Wa2fa! This day is something huge to every Egyptian. We’re one of the very few countries that celebrate really big on this 1st day of the holiday. It can be the first kiosk meet-up with your puffing and drinking buddies since Ramadan started. Others stay at home, watch 50 Shades of Grey by themselves, or bring in someone to watch it for them; you got me there you nasty boy/girl.

    Daddy’s little girls and boys stay home with their families, while wearing the new outfit daddy bought them; man-child and women-child alike. It is a nostalgia driven gathering and tradition more than anything else. To some, Eid without a new, daddy-bought outfit and 3edya, is not an actual Eid at all.

    Elsewhere, the more stupidly rebellious underages hang about in the open air trying out the latest flavours of vape/shisha they got using Eid money (they should be saving it in a bank, just like our papas used to say).

    Is there anything else Cairenes do during this short-lived Eid vacation? Some like the white sandy beaches of Sahel, others like the clear and serene ambience of Dahab. Others, stay in Cairo to watch the latest Arabic movies, while some of them can’t wait for Eid’s end to watch Deadpool 2. Some party in clubs and bars, while others party at Dream Park (a childhood and adulthood fav), or most recently at Mall of Egypt, Skiing. There is almost everything for everyone.

    We cannot forget that food is the holy grail of any Eid, it is what brings those nasty and rebellious daddy’s boys and girls together. It is either a walk in the park with fesikh and renga kind of gathering, or a more lavish shrimp, calamari, wine, and caviar day.

    Some of the acts mentioned in here are not socially acceptable/legal. There is, however, food, drinks, entertainment, and sex for everyone; this is what matters, right? What are you getting this Eid?

    By Sara Mosharef & Adel M. Fakhry