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  • Hassan Abu Allam’s 7 Essentials


    Hassan kicked off his career in music at the age 15 ! could be because he is related to an uncle who is a musical genius or could be because he himself is a Genius.  3 years onwards  he embraced his DARK SIDE… of the Techno Genre!

    When he played in the REDBEATS 2012 competition even though he didn’t win, but i was there that night, and every DJ who knows what good music said he should have been the winner ! and here are his sab3a (7) essentials!

    1.My Macbook – This is where all the music I have ever produced came from. It’s barely working, the screen’s cracked and if you remove the charger it will run out in precisely 9 minutes. But I love it too much and all the music i’ve produced and released since 2008, has been exported from this machine.

    2. Mobile Phone – Wallet – Keys – I don’t know about you, but after a long night of excessive clubbing and drinking, i thank god every morning the moment I find these 3 items beside my bed.

    3. IPad - This is by far my most useful gadget. It’s everything you need in a tablet.

    4. Headphones - Bose are not the best headphones out there, but i’ve been using them for 4 years and they haven’t disappointed me in anyway so far. I use them for everything pretty much.

    5. Monitors - I usually can’t fire up my monitors whenever i want to at home. It’s sad really, the neighbours can be a pain in the ass and complain about the loud music. But once the neighbours head out of town, sessions in the studio become a bit more intense.

    6. PSP Vita – The PSP Vita is a great gadget. It’s exactly like the PS3, but instead its portable and you can carry it with you everywhere. In my opinion it should be the gadget of the year.

    7. Gucci Perfume - The perfect perfume for any man.