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  • Hassan Abaza illuminates !


    Hassan Abaza’s company RMImedia is literally going to iLUMINATE  cairo ! Hassan will be bringing in the team who made it to the America Got Talent finalist to Cairo on April 4,5,6th !!! they will be doing a 23 minute show, of which 3 minute of it will be dedicated to the revolution. its part of a full 1 hour and half show and in the show it won’t be only about iLUMINATE !! Hassan is also bringing in from Britain Got talent finalist Stevie Star (youtube won’t let me embed the video but here is the link to it) basically he is the guy that swallows shit loads of stuff

     Rumor has it also that hassan abaza, might be doing a private event with iLumante …. so that should be something awesome to look forward, since we like everything PRIVATE !!!

    And also rumor has that hassan abaza is working on getting Mother Africa Circus in town on March 15th!!! so seems Abaza’s RMI MEDIA has been busy lately