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  • Hantoor-verts: The Next Big Thing in Advertising?


    The bigwigs at our mother company, Media Republic, have come up with – what they call – an ingenious new advertising trend. Forget billboards, magazine ads and social media - animals are apparently the key.

    Having acquired Cairo Gossip in August of last year, MR saw potential in making what started off as a Facebook group into something bigger, better and sexier than before, and making sure that everyone knew that it was going to indeed be bigger, better and sexier than before.

    Enter hantoor-verts.

    Inspired by a one-off campaign in Europe which saw a dog bearing a painted logo as a means of advertising, MR have come up with a plan that is both affective and, in a roundabout kind of way, good for the old karma. MR are proposing painting the Cairo Gossip logo on local hantoor-dragging horses; CG gets exposure and hantoor drivers get a means of maintaining some sort of income during what has been a terrible time for tourism in Egypt.

    Of course, only skin-friendly vegetable-based dyes would be used, so there’s that.

    Nice work guys – keep the great ideas coming…