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  • ‘Hanelbes Fasateen’: Egyptian Women to Wear Dresses in Stand Against Sexual Harassment


    On August 10th, Egyptian anti-harassment movement, ‘Shoft Taharosh’, reported that a woman in Tanta was killed after she confronted a man that had harassed her. The woman, refusing to move from in front of his car, was run over, before the attacker tried to escape. The man was stopped by locals and arrested by the police, though reports have suggested that he has been released.

    Women – and men – across Egypt took to Facebook after the incident, giving birth to ‘Hanelbes Fasateen‘ (We Will Wear Dresses); an event that has chalked up over two thousand members/attendees. Organisers have called for Egyptians to take a stand by taking to the streets of Cairo on Saturday August 24th in dresses.

    Though the group was born out of anger, it has since become a forum of sorts, we’re women from all walks of life – and one particularly enthusiastic man -  have built a camaraderie and solidarity, as Egypt continues to combat sexual harassment.

    For more info, check out the Hanelbes Fasateen Facebook event page (in Arabic).

    Photo courtesy of Op Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault Facebook page.