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  • HALL OF SHAME: Media Republic Staff Goes MIA


    Despite today being a national holiday, the powers that be have decided to cut our Eid vacation short and bring us in for work. However, one particular employee decided to call in ‘sick’ instead. Normally, we like to give our co-workers the benefit of the doubt, but with Miss Tanya El Kashef, assistant editor at Cairo 360, something fishy is going on.


    In what is the biggest scandal since the Obama administration was found to be monitoring people’s phone calls in the US, we too have turned on our own. As we speak, one of CG’s dedicated spies has spotted our girl wearing bigger-than-usual hipster glasses and a fashionably mismatched bikini at Diplo, Sahel, eating 1LE falafel sandwiches while reading Nietzsche and listening to the Strokes.

    Tanya, we wish you a speedy recovery.