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  • Haciendabay’s Water Villas Sound Unreal!


    If ever you doubted the existence of this intangible notion of ‘Sahel Season’ you need only to look at the traffic lining Alamein road cars line-up to get into the most popular compounds.

    One of the hottest destinations this year has, in no uncertain terms, been Haciendabay.

    The popularity of Haciendabay is owed to its something for everyone ethos, with pop-up bazaar, Lake Yard, and the poolside Bay Side being just two of the attractions that have made Haciendabay one of the most frequented spots on the North Coast in 2015.

    But Haciendabay is an ongoing project and Palm Hills Developments has bigger plans in the pipeline, the latest of which Water Villas project – a unique new set of homes that are set to bring seaside luxury in Egypt to new heights.

    Haciendabay has become synonymous with an inimitable elegance and the Water Villas are one of the most unique concepts in Egypt, bringing future second-home owners closer to the pristine North Coast waters than ever before. The tagline carried by the project is Where Water is Your Second Home – and it’s a sentence that rings so much truer than you can imagine. Water villa properties are often the most desirable, but the Water Villas put you right there, in the water, making for a unique holidaying and living experience –is the kind of decadence and extravagance one might see in a movie, gasp in awe and then question if it’s even real – well, it is real and it’s right here in Egypt and it couldn’t be better situated within Haciendabay.

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