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  • Guns & Revolution


    So today every one is talking about GUNS. Kandil apparently hours before the protests allows Al Amn Al Makrazai to use Live Ammunition on protestors, if required in order to protect themselves!

    Then on the other hand, if you are caught in the protest with any weapons, you can be jailed up to three years !

    So to review, on one hand police ( national central security)  can shoot at portestors live ammo, to defend themselves, and protestors if caught with weapons will get jailed. If this was in a country, where there is trust, then it actually might have flied. But this government is not to be trusted, which means they can say oh we are defending ourselves and use this for shooting down people.

    Wait there is more, so the Free Police movement«الضباط الأحرار» warns the Minister of Interior for the use of violence, or else  the ministry and the police force itself will see a lot of disturbances within the ranks