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  • Guest Response to VICE: Sheikh it like a polaroid picture

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    So vice magazine wrote a shit article about egypt, it was hanous and it was disgusting  and I  dont think any of it is actually based on proper research, its nothing short of the ramblinsg of a culture shocked idiot who thinks all egyptians in Gouna are rich kids, little that he knows that these boys after they came back from gouna they couldn’t go out  in cairo because they where too broke!

    Anyway so a anonymous guest writer sent me this response. so i thought of publishing it,

    We need to stop being so god damn sensitive and defensive about everything; whether it’s a film that absolutely no one would take seriously about the prophet Muhammad, or an article that absolutely no one would take seriously about “rich kids” in Gouna. When you lead a witch hunt against the people that come up with these things, you give them two things that work against you: credibility and publicity.

    The Gouna article on Vice had 175 shares on Facebook when I checked it. I’m guessing 165 of those were by Egyptians complaining how they’ve been misrepresented by the article. The film about the prophet Muhammad only gained publicity in the US and was discussed in the media after it sparked outrage in the middle east and lawsuits were filed and death threats were threatened. Otherwise, no one would have heard about it.

    Chill the fuck out and let these things go and it’s very likely no one will ever hear of them, read them or watch them. Let people write what they want. Let them say that Egyptians are party animals who are all about sex, drugs and yachts. So fucking what. No one will believe this shit until they scroll down to the comments and fight some idiots defending themselves like they’ve been caught red handed and exposed to the world.

    And another thing, the article holds so much truth. How many people go to Gouna have been on a friend’s yacht, gone to a party and gotten drunk off their faces and high off their tits, woken up in someone else’s bed, or laughed at the irony of doing a shot while Ayet El Korsy was dangling around their neck.

    As cairogossip, we agree with the guest writer’s opinion, we actually as CG were planning on giving no light or attention to this article, it was mediocre for me at best, but only reason why I am writing something now, is well the article has been taken off the website, and well the reaction to it is just way too much. Let idiots be idiots.