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  • Guess Who Is Egypt’s New National Football Manager?

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    As much as we wanted the rumours to be true, they are not. But still, the news is great. We’ve been suffering for a couple of years now, and we witnessed the demise of the national team at the World Cup by the hands of… Cúper! Well, he’s gone and now we have a new coach.

    The rumour we were referring to is that Theirry Henry would be managing our football team. To be honest, we had many doubts about the whole thing, but we wished for it as much as you all did. Yes, there were talks between the Egyptian Football Association board member (and everyone’s favourite player) Hazem Emam, and the legendary Henry in London. It was claimed that a huge amount of money was offered to Henry.

    Our new manager and coach is Javier Aguirre. The Egyptian Football Association announced that Mexico’s former player and manager is ours now. Maybe he’s not as famous as Henry, but the man has a lot of experience in managing and coaching. He was once in charge of Atlético Madrid, Osasuna, Real Zaragoza and Espanyol. Not just that, he has also coached national teams; Mexico and Japan to be specific. Nice, right?

    Basically, the man has 20 years of experience, and we’re pretty confident he will be taking us places. He pushed Atlético Madrid out of a plummeting curve and put them on a path towards the UEFA Championship. He has also pushed Mexico’s national team to win several games in the Gold Cup, as well as taking the team to the semi-finals of the World Cup. He is not a man of empty promises; he is a man of actions.

    His first match with our team is scheduled for September, when Egypt will face-off against Niger. All we can do is wait and see how all this change will pan out.

    By Sara Mosharef