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  • Greater Than Interview > ?


    lately if you have logged on CairoZoom (which i am sure you have after noticing their new facebook tagging features) or have been anywhere next to the MO4 site you would have noticed this symbol


    Greater than !

    Now what does it mean ? Well if you actually focused on any of your math courses you would have known that this  ’>’ means Greater Than ! and is not the head of an arrow !

    Anyway so Mo4 launched their newest retail online fashion store, that aims at providing you with “Street Fashion” of course high end ones too, or unique !  They have a  lot of stuff from the hot limited Jeremy Scott Shoes, to American Apparel UNDIES !!!


    so i caught up with the founder Timmy Mowafi ( did you know timmy’s real name is Tameem ? )  and interviewed him !!!

    p.s. you can follow “>” on facebook https://www.facebook.com/GREATERTHANFASHION

    Why is it called greater than fashion ? 

    Basically a couple of years ago I was on a football trip to Beirut, and was feeling kind of obnoxious when I spontaneously decided to go get a tattoo with my gf at the time, which read TM >
    So when I decided to create the shopping platform it was just the first thing that came to my head, and it just transcends the fact that this isn’t another Egyptian store selling either oriental boutique products nor high end khaligiesque brands. This is much more.

    It’s the first street-style online store of its kind in the Middle East and we’re really striving hard to make THE coolest trends in fashion from around the world, easily accessible to our market.

    Do You have a god complex ?
    Yes, and if you disagree I will crush you like the ant that you are.

    What is the aim of the website ? 
    I want people to be able to log on and find cool shit. Simple as.

    If I buy from greater than does that automatically make me cool and in ? 
    Only if your purchase is more than 2,000 LE then you will receive a Greater Than card which authenticates that you are now in fact cool.

    What’s your favorite Jeremy Scott?
    Ha! My favorite JS sneakers haven’t even been released yet, it’s for Fall/Winter ’12 and features a Murakamiesque flower pattern on a green teddy bear.