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  • Grand Theft Auto (GTA) – 5


    Its ramadan season,

    a season of many things, most of which is playstation!

    but as we play with our xboxs or playstations there is one game that defined a generation .. and it is about to do it again!


    It is coming out in Septmeber 17th, and you can play with… not one, not two .. BUT THREE GAME PLAY!!! REVOLUTIONARY IS UNDER FUCKING STATEMENT! You would be able to drive car, hunt animals, fly planes, get on bikes YOU CAN GO DIVING!!! DIVING!!!!! , do everything that you can ever want to imagine doing, hell you can even do some extreme sports! I feel GTA 5 is really game that is all about virtual reality.. it is truly the life i wont to escape too, be pimping like that and rolling in hot rods!

    Oh god, see what it did to me.. now i am talk about RODS! anyway all what i can say gives it no justice! watch the videos below