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  • Gouna hosts the 2013 Rally Cup!


    Gouna is just on fire this month with events! First we heard about the 20th “Top Model of the World” Coronation which takes place from the 16th to the 31st of March (read about it here) and now Gouna’s hosting the 2013 Rally Cup! On the same weekend!

    For those of you who didn’t know, like me, the Egyptian Rally Cup is a 1,300km rally with 130 competitors, among which are 12 Egyptian competing teams! All I can say is thank god someone in this country is making the effort to keep us on the map for anything positive. I’m definitely booking my room at Captain’s Inn for that weekend so I can get a good view of the model event at the Marina. It’s not every weekend in Egypt that you’re in the same place as some of the world’s hottest women with one of the world’s most exciting races going on.

    Oh, and we really hope an Egyptian team wins this! We know who we’re cheering for, that’s for sure. Now here’s the more official description:

    In its constant support to one of Egypt’s most thrilling motor sports, El Gouna, Orascom Development’s flagship town, is hosting the Egyptian Rally Cup taking place on 29 March 2013. The Rally will unfold over three days with the participation of 12 Egyptian Racing Teams. It is held in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Automobile Club. The event is professionally organized by Al Remal Team.

    The rally brings together 130 contestants to display extreme engine capabilities and driving accuracy along a total traveling distance of 1,300 km, while enjoying El Gouna’s breathtaking scenery with its impeccable architecture, wide range of services and leisure facilities.

    “We’re honored that the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism has chosen El Gouna to host their annual Egypt Rally Cup for the second time after hosting it in 2010,” said Hamza Selim, Orascom Development’s Chief Destination Management Officer, “We hope that by hosting such exciting events we can further position Egypt as an ultimate destination for international motoring events and continue promoting local talents.”

    The adrenaline-charged event aims to fortify the Egyptian teams that would eventually compete in international rallies such as Pharaoh, Paris-Dakkar, and the Africa Race. It will kick off with a colorful parade at Abu Tig marina where the teams will showcase their rally cars to visitors, El Gouna residents and the media. The two race stages will follow at the Kite Area in Abu Tig, and will be capped off by an awards ceremony for the reigning champions.

    El Gouna spearheads intense community efforts, a pillar of which is promoting the value of sports and physical well –being. “Hosting this spectacular world-class sporting event will be a cornerstone of our upcoming CSR activities in the years ahead,” Selim added.