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  • Gossip: ID is flying out the movers and shakers


    Before I start gossip, let me start this is not a paid advertisement post. Actually I am a bit jealous, let me explain why.

    So ID vodka today flew out the owners of Cairo’s top club, Top cocktail bar, top event organizing company, and the owner of Egyptian Internet ( other than me of course) !

    To where, well to Dubai, to attend the launch of ID vodka in Cirque Du Soir Dubai ! And not only that they are pampering them all, taking them on business class and rumor has it also they might be visiting an F1 yacht party with all the A listers celebrities !

    Dear ID, an not a mover and a shaker ? Last I check I am good dancer and I can shake it good ;)

    Worth mentioning that this weekend also is the Formula 1 weekend in Abu Dhabi, and ID has not mentioned to anyone what might be happening on Saturday after the Cirque du Soir party but who knows … What if they end up in Abu Dhabi the next day which is just a two hour drive from Dubai