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  • Good Drivers Get Rewards “White points” in Dubai | Cairo traffic police up its game, but is it enough ?!


    Yes you read the title right, if you are driving good, you get white points, which cancel out your black points.

    what is this point system we are talking about … well في اوروبا و البلاد المتحضرة  they have a point system, where whenever you a break a rule, you get a negative point. When you reach a certain threshold they take your license away from you.  Dubai added their own spin on it, to encourage people to drive good,  they created a system where people can get rewards, so if they drive good they get “white points” that cancel out the negative ones or get gifts!!

    As per the National Newspaper

    “Under the so-called white points system drivers of vehicles registered in Dubai are awarded a point for each month they keep a clean sheet of traffic or salik fines.
    After 12 clear months, drivers will be able to exchange the white points in return for gift vouchers redeemable at select outlets, or use them to cancel black points accrued either before or after the clean sheet. “

    Back to Cairo…. if you were driving in the city lately, you would have noticed the amount of Legan لجان  has increased in places like me7war, da2ery,  suez road, etc. These legan mostly focus removing trucks from the roads they dont need to be one. Even though we got BMW X3 for cairo traffic almost 2 years ago, and it was mostly in sahel. However,  now on the mew7ar, you can see more of the X3 replacing the  KIA sportage

    BMW in sahel in 2010

    while that is great for cairo, but thats simple tactics to ease traffic, like removing trucks from roads, removing street vendors.

    The problem with cairo traffic, is the PEOPLE. The Drivers !!!  What needs to be done is something more drastic, something like dubai, real incentives, real punishments. Or even like Dubai’s their Salik program, where people pay to be on certain streets ( may be the tunnel in egypt ) or like the point system, where drivers get points deducted for bad driving. Or maybe even like turkey where you can have a traffic map that is real time updated by the GOVERNMENT !  just check this website they have updated realtime !! http://tkm.ibb.gov.tr/yolDurumu/Kameralar.aspx and what do we have, bey2olik… a user generated traffic thing, which is a great application but its not map, so its harder to go through and is not as reliable.