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  • Giom’s 7 essentials!


    We at cairogossip love music! We love what Cairo is turning into with international acts coming every weekend and we all know its no secret nacelle started it all! So when I heard
    Giom is coming back for nacelle… I had to get my hands on his essentials… I just had too! And I did!

    Without further introductions here are Giom’s 7 most essential items!

    20130313-055006 PM.jpg

    1/ My Macbook Pro: Very cliché’d to say so but it’s true, there’s not much I can do without it when travelling, from emails to making music to watch films.

    2/ Ableton Live: As soon as I get 5min free I’m back on it, from either sketching new ideas to working on my remixes while on the road. The best music software there is, no question about it. And the new version 9 kicks ass!

    3/ Travel Power Adapter: How many times did I leave this one at home last year?? I especially remember being on stage with Riva Starr at Tomorrowlands in Belgium, Jesse Rose is playing his last track, unplugs his headphones and me and Riva are about to go on and suddenly i can’t plug my gear, which basically means we can’t play the show… Luckily someone had a macbook pro european charger which Riva could use, so I could use HIS charger to plug MY gear… So no, never again! I have one of these inside the 2 suitcases I own.

    4/ My glasses: I’m pretty much blind without them, so these are pretty essential too :)

    5/ My watch: I hate not knowing what time it is, so my watch follows me everywhere. And it was a present.

    6/ My iPhone: If I’m not on my laptop I’ll be on my phone. How typical and a bit pathetic really, but hey I’m a modern man :)

    7/ A pair of Vater 8A drumsticks: I started practising a bit more lately, as I’m about to go on tour drumming for the amazing Alice Russell. These ones are the only pair I ever use. they’re in fact, a perfect replica of the late Jeff Porcaro model (my all-time favourite drummer)