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  • Gezira Club 30 JUNE tamrood protest


    As we edge close to d-day, the day where the major protest is going to take place nation wide, different protestors are starting to organise and rally up their marches!

    So the one that I am pretty much familiar with is the Gezira Club that would be meeting at the Gezira club parking area, head out to the exit point at imperial boat. The meeting is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 30th @ 4 pm. 

    Everyone regardless of where you live, please i beg you pretty please do not sit at home on june 30th! this is probably your chance to go to the streets and get your Tamrood on!

    If you are skeptical and thinking what difference would this, we protested before and nothing happened. Well it would make a lot of difference, remember we are still in talks with IMF on the loan, which they will not sign if they see the streets in Egypt is still unstable. Remember that now as time passed more and more America and the ally’s of the ikhwan are realising that they are lying and they dont have much support in the street, especially with the movement of Tamrood, which has been able to gather so much signatures, last counted was 7 million in a peaceful protest