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  • Get Grooving, Get Lit

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    With Easter break ahead of us, one maybe led to think that March’s greatest parties were already done with. March, however, had one last great party up its sleeve; it officially ended with a BANG at Camel’s Get Lit 1913 party in the Nile Ritz–Carlton. The event commemorated Camel’s ―long awaited― launch in Egypt with internationally renowned artists, who hypnotised us with their music: singer RAYE, DJ Freespirits, and our favourite local DJ, Ramy DJunkie, were all part of the mix.

    Camel @ Nile Ritz - 29.03.2018 - Resized and Logo-ed 2 - (41 of 50)

    Amid the popping beats of the performers, there were entertainers stilt-walking through the crowd, some in mirror costumes, while others danced on their toes and some bopped on mini-stages.

    Camel @ Nile Ritz - 29.03.2018 - Resized and Logo-ed 1 - (30 of 210)

    Warming up, we had Ramy DJunkie shuffling through some of his freshest sets, as the attendees swarmed the party with their slickest moves. Ramy DJunkie has been a regular at Cairo’s hottest clubbing spots and has enticed the larger audience of Cairo with his blissful mixes of the world’s hottest tunes. Trust us, this party was no exception!

    Camel @ Nile Ritz - 29.03.2018 - Resized and Logo-ed 1 - (88 of 210)

    Later, the biggest reveal of the day took place. British star RAYE took to the stage to enchant us all with her angelic voice, singing some of songs that have taken her as high as number 3 in the UK singles chart. Simultaneously, we saw fireworks across the whole venue, massive flames fire up from behind the stage, and a line of waiters delivering shots to each and every table. Delighting us with her grooves, and her cheerful performance, English vocalist RAYE (AKA Rachel Keen) has not only seen herself in the UK Singles Chart, she was also nominated for BBC’s “Sound Of…” music award, where she came third.

    Camel @ Nile Ritz - 29.03.2018 - Resized and Logo-ed 1 - (146 of 210)

    Hailing all the way from Greece, DJ Freespirit brought with him his eclectic house sets of progressive & electronic arrangements. The onslaught of his powerful bass, and trance-inducing music, cut us loose of the strings that held us back, and had us dancing the night away.

    Camel @ Nile Ritz - 29.03.2018 - Resized and Logo-ed 1 - (78 of 210)

    Needless to say, this party bedazzled us, left us in awe, and lit up our souls!