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  • Get Creative This Valentine’s Day: 3 Alternatives to a Floral Bouquet


    Flowers are nice, sure. But let’s face it, they’re not very practical, are they? How long do they last…a week? This Valentine’s Day, why not go for something a little more substantial…or scrumptious?

    Behold, three fun bouquet alternatives to flowers:

    Flowers Made of Fruit


    It’s like flowers, but you can eat them. And it’s healthy, too! Check out Fruit Bouquet, Fruit Splash and Fresabella to get one for yourself or a loved one. 

    Crochet Carnations


    You can’t eat these, but they’ll last way longer than a dozen roses. Plus, they don’t leave a mess or attract bees, and look super cute!  Check out the wide range available at Florchet

     Cake Pops Instead of Peonies


    Ok, so it doesn’t look like flowers. It tastes like cake, and that’s what’s important here.  Pick some up at The Batter Half & Co.  

    You gotta admit, these are way more worth it that plain old red roses. Get creative!

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk