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  • Fuel Coupons!


    With the amount of traffic all over the country, I don’t mind the idea of fuel coupons. If it means people will use their gas more wisely and will start carpooling more and driving less, I support it a million percent. While it might anger a lot, I think it just might be the first proper decision to be taken by Qandil’s government.

    If you haven’t already heard about the fuel coupons, here’s the lowdown. The plan is to ration a certain amount of subsidized fuel through coupons, after which fuel will be more expensive. When you go to get your license renewed, you’ll receive a coupon booklet for 1,500 liters per year (this is not yet confirmed). This equates to around 31 liters per week of subsidized fuel, which you use your coupons to buy. Once you’re out of coupons, you’ll pay an increased price for fuel.

    Personally, I think this is an amazing idea. I’ve been saying that they should remove the subsidies altogether, but that would leave a lot of people fucked, so I guess this is the better option. Of course one thing that will come out of this, because we are Egypt, is a black market. It’s very easy for people to buy shit fucked old cars for a few thousand, renew their licenses to get coupons, then sell the coupons to those who’ve finished theirs at a price lower than the unsubsidized petrol.

    Anyway, I never thought I’d say this, but chapeaux to the government if they go through with this (even though a lot of people may disagree). One good economic decision in 9 months or however long it’s been, bravo ya Qandil. Let’s see how it plays out.

    ps: I’m not sure what the deal will be with diesel though, which will probably have a greater effect on industry and therefore on the working class.


    (written by duckie)