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  • Froggie: Death by Idiocy


    I’d like to congratulate the Muslim Brotherhood for sticking one of the last nails in their coffin. At present, I think that worrying about a theocracy is pointless and forgetting that vibrant and relentless opposition exists is idiotic, and I’m not worried…despite the draconian appearance of what just happened. There will be no MB rule in this country because the MB forgot to study the history of this country accurately, they forgot that pluralism in this country is in our cultural DNA(even though it’s been exacerbated by the never-ending line of autocrats and power politics), they forgot that in a post-revolutionary Egypt of 2012 only cooperation between all political forces and ideologies will bring this country to shore, they forgot that there are adamant fighters of the third voice that will not accept ideological hegemony anymore, and more importantly they forgot that ordinary Egyptians from all walks of life have changed psychologically forever and are taking their first lessons in detecting demagoguery and misleading political rhetoric. I can’t remember where I read this but some scholar said that political Islam is the last phase of autocratic ideological rule in post-colonial countries with Muslim majorities; that Socialism (the false kind), Liberalism (economic liberalism not liberalism as such) and political Islam are excretions of a scaring colonial legacy. The result of which is a bumpy landing towards a well-functioning democracy. Be that as it may, I’m confident that Egypt will be too big to contain by the MB alone and that Egyptians will not lose the voice they’ve let out during the revolution. Granted, this process won’t happen overnight, so don’t get your hopes too high but keep being optimistic. I really hope my instincts are right. Tomorrow, stand up for your civil rights and go display your anger… This is much bigger than politics people, actually has zero relation to politics.