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    who do you want ?

    Brace yourself, Egypt is not the only francophone country in the world that is running election season!  hell the mother of all francophone’s, has its election results coming out tonight ! why is this relevant for the CairoGossip blog, well lets face it more than half of us go to france, and a bunch of us speak french (not me!)

    who do you want ?


    as per my gossip sources in paris right now… they say “According to the newspapers the party is going to be Place de la Bastille if the left ( Hollande) candidate wins and Place de la Concorde of the right (sarkozy) candidate wins.”

    On a global scale, why is this an important election, well they are only  euro-zone’s second-largest economy and would affect Egypt, as Egypt form a business perspective is trying to amp up the trade with the euro-zone, hell we are even trying to enter this thing called “Virtual EU Member” … tonight 9pm, find out the news !